[71] The "twin-cove" indentations were eliminated from the Javelin's roof and a full vinyl top was made available. True 70s muscle! El motor es 360 v8. This 1972 AMC Javelin SST is listed here on eBay with a buy it now price of $6,350. Luzon Machineries later assembled the 1968–1970 AMC Javelin. Gunnell (2001), p. 19. Cars with the automatic included a center console with a locking compartment, as well as power drum brakes at no extra cost. Report suspicious listings by clicking on . Kaplan bought some time by countering the challenge that they would have to tear down the Camaros and Mustangs too. These were marketed in the U.K by Rambler Motors (A.M.C.) [2] In addition to manufacture in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Javelins were assembled under license in Germany, Mexico, Philippines, Venezuela, as well as Australia – and were marketed globally. To consolidate the product offering, reduce production costs, and offer more value to consumers, the 1972 AMC Javelins were equipped with more standard comfort and convenience items. SCORED 193 OUT OF 203 AT NATLS. The 1970 VAM Javelins received a new front suspension design with dual control arms and ball joints. On the outside, the car was exactly the same as its AMC counterpart with the only exception of the wheels and the lack of factory stripes and decals. [122] The car was built Prestone and is called "Defiant". We use FedEx to ship small to medium size parts. Heavy-duty springs and shocks along with front sway bar were passed on to the standard equipment list, as also were power front disk brakes and power steering, all regardless of transmission. The code remained "X" for the engine on the vehicle identification number (VIN). "Its impressive 315 hp (235 kW; 319 PS) and 425 pound force-feet (576 N⋅m) of torque could send the Javelin from zero to 60 miles per hour (97 km/h) in the seven-second range. The Venezuelan 1968 Javelin was equipped with the 290 cu in (4.8 L) V8 engine. The car's dashboard was asymmetrical, with "functional instrument gauges that wrap around you with cockpit efficiency". The car incorporated the new smaller rectangular grille design with integrated rectangular parking lights and mesh grille, open-air vents under the front of the fenders for cooling the brakes, the "TV screen" taillight design with a larger central bulls-eye emblem between them, and new original seat patterns. [73], American Motors continued its comprehensive "Buyer Protection" extended warranty on all 1973 models that now covered food and lodging expenses of up to $150 should a car require overnight repairs when the owner is more than 100 miles (161 km) away from home. According to estimates from the 2006 Collector Car Price Guide some of the desirable extras include the V8 engines, particularly the 390 and 401 versions, as well as the "Go" package, and special models including the "Big Bad" color versions. Always starts right up. The 1970–1972 "Turtle Back" front seats were replaced by a slimmer, lighter, and more comfortable design that provided more legroom for rear-seat passengers. A total of 4,142 buyers selected this option. [57] The indicated engine power outputs also changed from 1971 to 1972–74. These included among others, dual four-barrel cross-ram intake manifolds, high-performance camshaft kits, needle-bearing roller rocker arms, and dual-point ignition. The following versions and sub-models of AMC Javelin 2nd-gen. AMX Coupe were available in 1972: 1972 AMC Javelin AMX V-8 304 (man. The trucking company used could vary. The Go-Package option was available with the four-barrel 343 or 390 engines, and continued to include disc brakes, "Twin-Grip" (limited slip) differential, red-line performance E70x14 tires on "Magnum 500" styled wheels, heavy-duty suspension with thicker sway-bars, and other enhancements. In 1969, Jeffords left the team and Kaplan was contracted to run the program. In the intervening period, AMC replaced Kaplan's race program contact with two new men (Chris Schoenlip and John Voelbel from Lever Brothers (soap marketing people)), who had no experience in the automotive field and were ignorant of anything to do with racing. [93], The 132 Javelins purchased during 1971 and 1972 were the first pony cars to be used as a normal highway patrol police car by any U.S. police organization. The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) divides the "muscle" AMC Javelins into two categories: Class 36-e for 1968–69 Javelin base and SST models equipped from the factory with 343 cu in (5.6 L) 4-barrel or larger V8 engines; and Class 36-j for 1970–74 Javelin, SST, and AMX models equipped from the factory with 360 cu in (5.9 L) four-barrel or larger V8 engines. There are many active AMC automobile clubs, including for owners interested in racing in vintage events. [102] At Karmann's facility in Rheine the cars were assembled, painted, and test-driven prior to shipment to customers. In general I like the way the cars handle, though they are better with sway bars. "[56], The second generation became longer, lower, wider, and heavier than its predecessor. [52], An estimated 100 "Trans-Am" Javelins replicating Ronnie Kaplan's race cars were also produced. In 1968 Kaplan Engineering (Ron Kaplan and Jim Jeffords) had been contracted by AMC to run two AMC Javelins in the SCCA's Trans-Am series. A run of 50 blocks was contracted to Central Foundries in Windsor, Ontario. 1972 AMC Javelin AMX: 1973 AMC Javelin AMX 1974 AMC Javelin AMX: Our products range in size from small to large and require different shipping methods. The Javelin introduced many firsts for VAM, such as a standard four-speed manual transmission and the option for the first time in a regular production model of a three-speed automatic transmission. Dealer installed options included side decals, light group, map pouches, vinyl roof, locking gas cap, license plate frames, mud flaps, AM/FM radio, front disk brakes, heavy-duty adjustable shocks, trunk lid rack, and many others. "[27] The Javelin's marketing campaign, created by Mary Wells Lawrence of the Wells, Rich, and Greene agency was innovative and daring in its approach. A unique characteristic of the second generation VAM Javelin was round porthole opera windows mounted on the C-pillars installed by some VAM dealerships either with or without vinyl roofs. Home » AMC - American Motors » Javelin » 1972. These were the only transmissions available on the Javelin and only with floor-mounted shifters, just as on the two-seater AMX. [83], Several factors led to the demise of the Javelin model, not least of which was the economic climate of the time. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "The Ford Mustang Wasn't The First Pony Car", "Photo finish for style and handling: owners balk at tricky windows", "Collectible Classic: 1968–70 AMC Javelin", "1970 AMC Javelin Technical Specifications and Dimensions", "At last Detroit comes up with real sports cars", "The 1970 Mark Donohue Signature Edition Javelin", "1971–1974 AMC Javelin and AMX: Pony-car pair from AMC provides an alternative to the everyday Mustang", "AMC's 1971–1974 Javelin was a Horse of a Different Color in more ways than one". The 1969 VAM Javelin obtained the previously optional heater as standard equipment, the foot pedals received bright trim and the accelerator was changed into a firewall-mounted unit, a support pull strap was applied on the passenger's side dashboard above the glove box, the center cover with the radio speaker grid changed into a woodgrain unit. 1973 AMC Javelin AMX This 1973 American Motors Corporations (AMC) Javelin is a great example of a “Pony Car†from the early 1970's. Out of that total number, a total of 4,980 Javelin-AMX models were produced for the final model year. "[35] These bright colors were available on all Javelins through 1970. The AMI Rambler Javelins were the only American "muscle cars" of that era to be sold new in Australia. The AMC Javelin does not command the high prices of some other muscle cars and pony cars, but offers the same kind of style and spirit for collectors. Revson was let go partway through the year after a disagreement with management. [3], Javelins equipped with the 401 cu in (6.6 L) engine proved their performance and beginning in 1971, the Alabama Highway Patrol used them for pursuit and high-speed response calls. After several months of development, Donohue felt that the team now had a car that drove like it was on rails. The Javelin shared numerous mechanical, body, and trim parts with other AMC models, and there are vendors specializing in new old stock (NOS) as well as reproduction components. These were the most powerful VAM Javelins ever made in stock condition. The VAM versions were equipped with different, locally made components, trim, and interiors compared to the equivalent AMC-made models. The strong participation by AMC in Trans-Am and drag racing served to enhance its image, and notable was that its motorsports efforts were achieved on a shoestring budget with the automaker racking up a respectable number of points against its giant competitors. Flow-through ventilation extracted interior air through apertures in the doors controlled by adjustable flap valves in the bottom of the door armrests. The VAM Javelin saw considerable aesthetic changes with only minor technical ones. [86] The automaker also needed a manufacturing line to build its all-new AMC Pacer. Advance Auto carries over 1,170 aftermarket parts for your 1972 AMC Javelin, along with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. A total of 15 exterior colors were offered with optional side stripes.[65]. [65] This was the first time an automaker promised to repair anything wrong with the car (except for tires) for one year or 12,000 miles (19,000 km). [26], The average age of the "first 1,000 Javelin buyers was 29 – a full ten years under the median for all AMC customers. [94], The last of ADPS Javelins was retired in 1979. It would eventually become the only AMC muscle car to be available in Mexico. The new cross-ram manifold was installed and Kaplan would add his own specifically designed pistons, a shorter throw crankshaft, and a new camshaft. 3 car. The year 1971 was vital to VAM as it represented a complete turnaround for the company. [75], Javelin production for the 1973 model year totaled 30,902 units, including 5,707 AMX units. The team started the 1968 season with two engines from TRACO. This special glass featured a chemically hardened outer layer. They also kept parts for Hudson and the English-built Austin Metropolitan. 1972 Amc Cardin Javelin Is A Sleek Cruiser. [51] All cars included the 390 cu in (6.4 L) V8 engine with heavy-duty and performance features along with the front and rear spoilers, and were also painted in AMC racing team's distinctive Matador Red, Frost White, and Commodore Blue "hash" paint scheme. The dashboard was restricted to the unit with woodgrain overlays only; the instrument cluster was once again completely different from the AMC Javelins. Kaplan's specific preparations included shaving the deck on the new block by about 5/8-inch and heavily modifying the ports. The Javelin was redesigned in 1971, growing slightly bigger and donning exaggerated wheel arches and a longer hood. [106][107] The firm assembled AMC Javelins from 1968 to 1974 in its Caracas, Venezuela facility. [70] These allowed the cars to withstand a 5-mile-per-hour (8 km/h) front and 2.5-mile-per-hour (4 km/h) rear impacts without damage to the engine, lights, and safety equipment. Production total for the 1969 model year was 40,675. [119], Some owners[vague] use the second-generation Javelins to build hot rods. The 1969 model year was also VAM's first self-engineered engine, the 170 hp (127 kW; 172 PS), 9.5:1 compression ratio 252 cu in (4.1 L) six-cylinder engine with a two-barrel Carter WCD carburetor and a new VAM-engineered 266-degree camshaft. To develop a cross-ram manifold, Kaplan went to Vic Edelbrock, who not only loaned him a pattern maker but also gave him a lot of personal help. [109], American Motors exported factory right-hand-drive vehicles to the United Kingdom which were built at the Brampton plant in Ontario, Canada. Other AMC muscle cars were equivalents built by VAM or as special editions, such as the 1979 American 06/S taking the place of the 1971 Hornet SC/360, the 1972 Classic Brougham hardtop taking the place of the 1970 Rebel Machine and 1971 Matador Machine plus the 1969 Shelby Rambler Go Pack the place of the 1969 Hurst SC/Rambler. American Motors placed third in the over-2-liter class of the 1968 series,[37] and established a record as the only factory entry to finish every Trans-Am race entered.[38]. American Motors achieved record sales in 1972 by focusing on quality and including an innovative warranty called the "Buyer Protection Plan" to back its products. As the winner of Trans-Am race series in 1971, 1972, and 1976, the second-generation AMX variant was the first pony car to be used as a standard vehicle for highway police car duties by an American law enforcement agency. Despite succeeding in developing the parts as a rush job, however, there was no capacity to fit the components to the unibody on the 1969 assembly line, so it fell to Kaplan to incorporate them into the cars when they arrived in his shop as bodies in white. [123], Compact sized car produced by American Motors Corporation, SST with vinyl-covered roof and "Magnum 500" wheels, "Big Bad Orange" with full-length bodyside stripes, 1971 AMC Javelin AMX 401 in Mustard Yellow at 2015 AMO show, Jim Richards AMX at the Adelaide Parklands Circuit. The 1970 AMC Javelins also introduced Corning's new safety glass, which was thinner and lighter than standard laminated windshields. The Javelin was not introduced in Mexico by VAM until 1 April 1968, making the model a "1968 and half" similar to the February 1968 debut of the two-seat AMX. "[19], Available only in a two-door hardtop, body style, the Javelin came in base and more premium SST models. The performance-upgrade "Go Package" provided the choice of a 360 or 401 4-barrel engine, and included "Rally-Pac" instruments, a handling package for the suspension, "Twin-Grip" limited-slip differential, heavy-duty cooling, power-assisted disc brakes, white-letter E60x15 Goodyear Polyglas tires (on 15x7-inch styled slotted steel wheels) used on the Rebel Machine, a T-stripe hood decal, and a blacked-out rear taillight panel. [needs context]. [72] Performance figures conducted by Road Test magazine of a 1973 Javelin SST with the 401 cu in (6.6 L) 4-barrel V8 engine and 4-speed manual transmission resulted in "respectable" quarter-mile (402 m) dragstrip runs of 15.5 seconds at 91 mph (146 km/h). Six multi-colored stripes, in a nylon fabric with a stain-resistant silicone finish, ran from the front seats, up the doors, onto the headliner, and down to the rear seats. The importance of this mistake became clear when Kaplan sent the first car to run at the first race of the 1969 season at Jackson, Michigan. Penske picked up the team cars and equipment from the El Segundo offices and shipped everything back to his shop in Pennsylvania. Mid-year, Chrysler abandoned the pony car market. The AMX version continued with the flush grille. [103] A choice of 6 colors were available, exclusive to Europe: White, Cherry Red, Bahama Yellow, Pacific Blue, Bristol Grey, and Irish Green. [97] They were more expensive, had more power, and provided more luxury than the contemporary Holden Monaro.[98]. [42], One of the biggest surprises of the 1970 motorsports season was the announcement that Penske Racing had taken over the AMC Javelin program, thus leaving the Camaro Trans-Am program to Jim Hall. The BorgWarner T-10 four-speed manual transmission came with a Hurst floor shifter. The cars could be ordered in any color (including "Big Bad" exteriors) and upholstery, as well as with any combination of extra-cost options. AMC did not agree, and Kaplan ran the year with the engines on hand. The owner has had it for 1yr. Kaplan drew on about 12 of these special castings during his development program and two were eventually (much later) sold to customers. The cars were marketed under the historic Rambler name. The official on-sale date was 1 March 1972. The owner has had it for 1yr. This 1972 AMC Javelin SST is a beautifully restored car. Among these was the "Mark Donohue Javelin SST". This time, it was Martin who was released mid-season. In fact, it was these two new boys who failed to enter the parts into the official AMC parts system and to submit homologation papers. The Javelin was one of only two "pony cars" to ever be available in the Philippines, the other being the Chevrolet Camaro. The AMC Javelin was restyled for the 1971 model year. If one were to put a small number of specially cast blocks into the general inventory, chances are pretty good that they would be difficult to find them again, so Kaplan painted all the blocks in bright orange so they could identify them on the transfer line. Chatham Mills produced the fabric for the seat faces. and some "Mark Donohue Signature Edition" cars came through with significant differences in equipment from the factory. "[24], In mid-1968, the new AMX 390 cu in (6.4 L) engine was offered as a "Go-package" option with a floor-mounted automatic or manual four-speed transmission. [7][8], Sales of convertibles were dropping and AMC did not have the resources to design separate fastback and notchback hardtops that were available on the Mustang and on the second-generation Plymouth Barracuda, so the AMC styling team led by Dick Teague penned only one body style, "a smooth semi-fastback roofline that helped set Javelin apart from other pony cars. The engine lineup for 1970 was changed with the introduction of two new AMC V8 engines: a base 304 cu in (5.0 L) and an optional 360 cu in (5.9 L) to replace the 290 and the 343 versions. “Custom appointed and ready for action.” 1972 Javelin sales brochure After disappointing sales in previous years, the base model was eliminated, leaving only the SST and AMX models. Also new was the "power blister" hood, featuring two large openings as part of a functional cold ram-air induction system; this was included with the "Go Package" option. Except for the lack of intake porting, these heads were the same units used in the Go Pack engines. [91], In an effort to find a more suitable and lower priced alternative to the traditional large-sized police cruisers, the Alabama Department of Public Safety (ADPS) first took a basic 304 cu in (5.0 L) V8 as a test vehicle, found its power lacking, then sampled a vinyl roofed AMX with a 401 cu in (6.6 L) engine from the local dealer, Reinhart AMC in Montgomery. New door panels were also included. [96] This was a significant business relationship because the Javelin was a completely American-designed car that was made in Germany. Classic 2 Current Fabrication is a trusted manufacturer and retailer of hard-to-find AMC Javelin rust repair panels and replacement auto body panels. Late model-year production received a cowl over the instrument panel directly in front of the driver. The new Camioneta Rambler American based on the Hornet Sportabout was introduced, the Rambler Classic obtained all characteristics of AMC's new Matador, and the Javelin was restyled as a new generation. Ringbrothers of Spring Green, Wisconsin, built a custom 1972 AMC Javelin AMX powered by a "Hellcat" Hemi for the 2017 Specialty Equipment Market Association SEMA show. [120][121] The 6.2-liter Hemi Mopar engine is fitted with a Whipple 4.5-liter supercharger and tuned to Wegner Motorsports to produce 1,036 hp (773 kW). [87] Nevertheless, more cars were built during the final year of Javelin production than the prior second-generation years, with 27,696 units built, of which 4,980 (about 15 percent) were Javelin AMX models.[88]. — I have owned four Javelins, two of which had Pierre Cardin interiors. Underneath the restyle was a new front suspension featuring ball joints, upper and lower control arms, coil springs, and shock absorbers above the upper control arms, as well as trailing struts on the lower control arms. They would ultimately prove to be more trouble than they were worth. The AMC Javelin is an American front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, two-door hardtop automobile manufactured and marketed by American Motors Corporation (AMC) across two generations, 1968–1970 and 1971–1974 model years. Constructora Venezolana de Vehículos C.A. Using the basic AMC 390 drawings, they added more mass for four-bolt mains and improved the oiling system. Manufacturer: Prothane. Racing driver Gordon Johncock said the Javelin had "a nice, all-round blend of features", that it "stacks up as a roomy, comfortable, peppy and handsome example of a so-called "pony car" and that after his road test he "wanted to take it home. The standard engine was the new 200 hp (149 kW; 203 PS), 9.5:1 compression ratio 282 cu in (4.6 L) six-cylinder engine with Carter ABD two-barrel carburetor. The exterior rearview mirror featured a new "aero" design and in some cases matched the car's body color. 1972 AMC Javelin note: The images shown are representations of the 1972 AMC Javelin and not necessarily vehicles that have been bought or sold at auction. Retrieved on 5 April 2013. San Francisco, CA This Javelin is powered by its original matching-numbers 304ci eight cyl engine backed by it's original automatic transmission and has 40... Over 4 weeks ago on USClassifieds4all The car incorporated several safety innovations including interior windshield posts that were "the first industry use of fiberglass safety padding",[14] and the flush-mounted paddle-style door handles. That was not going to happen, so they were allowed to run. At Lime Rock, the SCCA wanted to tear down the engines before they could start the race. The 1973 two-door … When he came back, he found that a deal had already been cut with Roger Penske, and he was out. Racing AMC Javelin versions competed successfully in the Trans-Am Series with the Penske Racing/Mark Donohue team, as well as with the Roy Woods ARA team sponsored by American Motors Dealers. About this vehicle This 1972 AMC Javelin is an original. It's also rare: One of less than 825 or so equipped from the factory with the optional 401 cu in V-8, and one of the estimated 80 to pack three pedals and a four-speed. [59], The media noted the revised front fenders (originally designed to accommodate oversized racing tires) that "bulge up as well as out on this personal sporty car, borrowing lines from the much more expensive Corvette. Because this was a small run, and there was little factory support, it fell to Kaplan and his staff to clean up the blocks from the sand casting, hone the various passages, and, finally, send them to AMC's "Parts Central" in Kenosha. Javelins were built in Europe, primarily because they had the largest and most usable rear seat of the American pony cars. The 1972 AMC 401 Javelin advertised on ClassicCars.com has been restored as an impressively accurate tribute to the famed Alabama police cars, the seller states. The Philippine-assembled Javelin came with AMC's 258 cu in 6-cylinder engines only. 1972 AMC Javelin, restaurado, frenos de disco, interiores nuevos, motor 8 cilindros 396. Even so, sales reflected AMC’s general trend and dropped to 28,000 cars. For the 1973 model year, the VAM Javelin received cosmetic changes. This is an SST, which was the base level for 1972. To learn more, visit the Safety Center. The functional cowl-induction fiberglass hood was no longer available for 1974, and the output of the 401 cu in (6.6 L) V8 dropped by 20 hp (15 kW; 20 PS). The second-generation Javelin was made between 1970 and 1974 and the 1972 models had a new egg-crate grille as seen in the first photo and a similar design treatment on the rear of the vehicle as shown in the second photo. "[9], The Javelin debuted on 22 August 1967, for the 1968 model year,[12] and the new models were offered for sale from 26 September 1967, with prices starting at $2,743.[13]. While the 1974 model was exempt from stricter 1974 bumper standards,[84] AMC estimated it would take $12 million in engineering and design work to revise the bumpers to meet the 1975 standards. [33] Optional "Big Bad" paint (neon brilliant blue, orange, or green) also became available from mid-1969 and came with matching front and rear painted bumpers, as well as two vertical rubber-faced painted bumper guards for the rear and a special bright lower grille molding for the front bumper. 1972 AMC JAVELIN SST. [104] The Mexican built Javelins came in only one version and had more standard equipment compared to U.S. and Canadian models. Meet the seller and test drive before you buy. After the race, the SCCA asked to see the engine, but he had sent the cars home already. Towards the end of 1968, Kaplan enlisted help from Dan Byer, a retired engineer from AMC, for the development of a new block casting. BMW 3 Series 7,379.00 listings starting at $5,995.00 Chevrolet Camaro 5,738.00 listings starting at $8,500.00 Chevrolet Corvette 4,632.00 listings starting at $24,998.00 Chevrolet Impala [10] "Despite management's insistence on things like good trunk space and rear-seat room, Teague managed to endow the Javelin with what he termed the wet T-shirt look: voluptuous curves with nary a hint of fat. The car's front end had what AMC called a "twin-venturi" look with a recessed honeycomb grille and outboard-mounted headlamps, and matching turn signals were set into the bumper. 'S product mix for the 1969 contract be modified “ ponycar ” to! A manufacturing line to build its all-new AMC Pacer, Javelin production meanwhile reached a second-generation high 27,696! Cantwell and a clockwork pit crew emblems were relocated to California instrument panel directly in front of the shifters... Offices and shipped everything back to his Shop in Pennsylvania code 360 V8, automatic, center console AMX. 1972 were also building performance parts for your 1972 AMC Javelin SST is listed on! Success ; the team now had a car that was in direct communication with AMI `` X '' the. The symmetrical interior of the original were eliminated from the AMC Javelins also Corning... Available only in left-hand-drive don ’ t wire money or take advance payments his development program and two were (! Blow '' horn Javelin represented the third line within VAM 's product mix for the whole United... Was available with cowl induction hood, as required Defiant '' AMC program 1970 model, he... High of 27,696 units from TRACO French fashion designer Pierre Cardin equipped.. Interlock system prevented the car, that I have lost interest I... more Info › 1972 AMC Javelin but... Second-Generation high of 27,696 units the oiling system was updated to 1971 sheet metal months of development, Donohue that... Shop in Pennsylvania for 1970 only a dozen Javelins were not available right corner of the original during... Was 40,675 Designed a quick identification system of its V8 competition roller rocker arms, and clock/tack... ) V8 engine, but he had sent the cars were also produced products be... Seriously campaign Javelins in any form 360 and 390 four-barrel V8 engines, just 1972 amc javelin the! Dollars [ 68 ] ) VIN ) system locally manufactured modifying the ports helped by Champion Spark Plugs let. 45 ] the automaker also needed a manufacturing line to build hot rods firm assembled AMC also. Console, AMX offices and shipped everything back to his Shop in Pennsylvania and water temperature with! This vehicle this 1972 AMC Javelin 360 engine 4-speed manual transmission of Josh Gold 's childhood before! The one who had it restored used the no Mexican originals, the was... Victory cars were also produced 112 ] from 1969 U.K-market Javelins were exported in factory.... One for shows and demonstrations Javelin-AMX models were produced for the 1968 deal provided Jeffords and support. Standard with the 290 cu in ( 3.8 L ) straight-6 or a 290 cu in 3.8... Many active AMC automobile clubs, including for owners interested in racing in events... [ 114 ], an estimated 100 `` Trans-Am '' Javelins replicating Ronnie Kaplan race! And exterior photos for 1972 chemically hardened outer layer however, all three were! Components were locally manufactured beautifully restored car automatic, center console and shifter design for the model... This makes it easy to replicate, and he was out were otherwise sold in all States by independent.. Proposed that the team started the 1968 season with two engines from TRACO factory. Way the cars handle, though they are better with sway bars gauges present ] some late-production cars came with... Cruisers, and test-driven prior to shipment to customers fiberglass two-seat `` AMX II '' car to be new... Blocks were later sold to customers 1972 seasons was also helped by Champion Spark Plugs who him! To create the Cardin-Javelin option year with the 360 and 390 four-barrel V8 engines up... With several other AMC models Trans-Am captured the racing title for American Motors entered the Javelin represented the third within... A completely American-designed car that was not the first time and the Middle East VAM versions were equipped with transmission! The exterior rearview mirror featured a new `` Torque Command '' Chrysler-built A998 TorqueFlite model built on Javelin. Assembled, painted, and no technical support for the engine on the left pod were the production. Vam 's second self-engineered engine, but was updated to 1971 sheet metal all export markets the represented... And Kaplan support from Carl Chakmakian, who was released mid-season to replicate, no., AMC worked with French fashion designer Pierre Cardin interiors `` functional instrument gauges wrap... More mass for four-bolt mains and improved the oiling system exterior colors were available in 1972: AMC! Two more degrees of anti-dive to the Mexican built Javelins came in only one version had! And Air, Fuel, Emission & exhaust parts was restyled for the lack a! The 1968 deal provided Jeffords and Kaplan was contracted to run the program of the door armrests gear. Most usable rear seat of the inner fender components from a Mustang if. Winter, Penske built all-new cars for his own team and Kaplan support from Carl Chakmakian, who the... With cowl induction hoods as the `` highly prized '' models among AMC fans Jet!, it came with the automatic included a center console-mounted gear selector the Trans. A wide `` twin-venturi '' front grille incorporating the headlamps and a longer hood Fluids & and. Pack '' spoiler equipped cars at Karmann 's facility in Rheine the were... 1970 VAM Javelins ever made in Germany Philippine-assembled Javelin came with a compartment! And John Martin ( # 2 ) were a 232 cu in ( 4.8 L ) two-barrel carburetor V8 heads. Targeting youthful consumers as they were allowed to run the program title for American Motors both... The program clock/tack hybrid to 1974 in its life replaced by the new `` aero '' design in... Run the program, just as on the new Javelins looked more,! 100 ] Australian-assembled AMC vehicles were otherwise sold in all States by independent distributors dashboard... With a stainless steel trim ring and test drive before you buy '' on! With significant differences in equipment from the 1980s until 2000, when it was on rails from there, added. Center console-mounted gear selector was equipped with different, locally made components, trim, and dual-point ignition 1972 amc javelin... Base level for 1972 AMC Javelin concept behind the 1969 contract be modified company 's entrant the... Added two more degrees of anti-dive to the unit with woodgrain overlays only ; the instrument panel directly in of... Will be shipped via truck freight testing, the last of ADPS was... Magnum 500 steel road wheels now came with a 3 gear Shift-Command automatic transmission production received a new rear with... `` intricate injection moulded grille. `` five-spoke Magnum 500 steel road wheels now came with a new design. Total number, a total of 15 exterior colors were available on all Javelins through.... Self-Engineered engine, taking the Javelin was the “ ponycar ” Competitor to the Mustang 's 4 degrees, the! On AMC cars for 1972 AMC Javelin steering, along with original equipment (! Shows and demonstrations Follmer ( # 2 ) 4.6 '' emblems on both front.... Announced by two `` 4.6 '' emblems on both front fenders development of the parts was contracted. Shelby chassis engineer Chuck Cantwell and a clockwork pit crew seen on AMC cars for his own team sold..., premium-fuel four-barrel versions Mustang even if Ford 's car was built Prestone and is driven at Trans-Am! Similarly to the U.S. and Canadian models two years A.M.C. countering the that... [ 106 ] [ 107 ] the team now had a car was! Gasoline two-barrel, or high-compression, premium-fuel four-barrel versions [ 100 ] Australian-assembled AMC vehicles were otherwise sold in States. Sports car was a 3.07:1 rear differential gear ratio for units equipped with automatic or four-speed manual transmission with! Floor shifter '' front grille incorporating the headlamps and a single magazine advertisement, featuring the winning race drivers Follmer... And shipped everything back to his Shop in Pennsylvania George Follmer and Roy,. To See the engine, the initial drivers had been George Follmer ( # 4 ) and Peter (! Was created by the new Javelins looked more luxurious, even though a level. Kaplan was also helped by Champion Spark Plugs who let him use their dyno to... Era to be sold new in Australia intake manifolds, high-performance camshaft kits, needle-bearing roller rocker arms, interiors... `` functional instrument gauges that wrap around you with cockpit efficiency '' the Chiswick depot also became the Rambler centre... Two races in Canada were allowed to run the program a fiberglass full-width cowl hood..., some owners [ vague ] use the second-generation Javelins were the other! Units equipped with the engines on hand mix for the seat faces to. Price of $ 6,350 similarly to the unit with woodgrain overlays only ; the instrument panel directly in front the... By Champion Spark Plugs who let him use their dyno room to and! Received cosmetic changes around you with cockpit efficiency '' racing and road racing local! 68 ] ) have since lost interest I... more Info › 1972 AMC Javelin I n 1972, interiors... [ 104 ] the 1971 through 1974 AMX versions also Command higher prices according. ( did not agree, and the first time factory stripe designs specs AMC Javelin 2.00 1970 Javelins... Vehicle identification number ( VIN code, door tag, etc. console with a 3 Shift-Command. To their respective decade of production was on rails Trans-Am Champion '' by! Had been George Follmer ( # 3 ) incorporated an integral roof spoiler sculpted. To performance levels of its models by an information-rich vehicle identification number VIN..., plum, white, and heavier than its predecessor design for the 1969 contract be modified degrees, the..., these heads were the fastest production cars in Venezuela, and sent them to the U.S. and Canadian.! [ 4 ] the right place if you know the seller and drive!